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Summer Family Dinner

Our Futures Fit Together

Health, Food, Agriculture


We've been watching - there's a growing divide between the technologies built within Food, Health, and Agriculture.  At Convergence we are on a mission to "Grow Healthy Lives" by intentionally collaborating cross-industry and cross-geography for sustainable growth in business and in life.  

We work with startups, corporations, funds, and institutions to leverage our extensive experience building customer centric solutions.  We help you speed up, differentiate, and de-risk your business.  Most importantly, we do this together, having fun, and giving back.  


How we help


High level advice in an un-biased fashion.  We're here to simplify and multiply your strategic direction.


We know that by helping you "speak each others language" you'll be differentiated in whatever market you are serving.  Let's chat in a field, or over lunch, or at the gym.


Validation in the field, or at the table is essential for success.  We're here to organize, plan and execute on your testing and research ambitions.


A great team needs some great coaching.  Inspired through techniques learned from Strategic Coach©, let us become part of your bench.

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