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Built UP from the past,

for the future

Our VISION is to celebrate the passion, people, and technologies that solve global grand challenges across Food, Health, and Agriculture.  

Our MISSION is to accelerate solutions that sustain and nourish individuals, communities, and the earth in an equitable way.  

In 2005, founders Terry and Warren converged on the prairies of Western Canada and discovered an incredibly effective working style to solve common problems with technology solutions in a simple way.  They took these solutions to farms across North America through the AGRI-TREND network.  This network instilled a culture of sharing what you know, and watching it grow.  In 2015, AGRI-TREND was acquired by Trimble, and Terry and Warren continued to pursue opportunities helping Agriculture around the world. 

During the last 5 years Terry and Warren have started to place a greater emphasis in their lives on health and wellness, and one of the main ingredients to these areas, good food.  Raising a pretty large tribe of kids as proud fathers, the realization that their farming roots have a tremendous role to play in the future has helped motivate them towards the vision of Convergence.  

Artificial intelligence, digital sensors, robotic automation, and niche ingredient production are examples of the the types of business technologies Convergence is currently working on across Health, Food, and Agriculture.  Starting NOW lets converge ideas and technologies together so tomorrow when we are sitting collectively around our tables, we are truly "Growing Healthy Lives".  

Farming Field



We believe in a community culture, with the willingness to un-learn and re-learn.  


We believe in having an abundant mindset to share what you know for a reason.


We believe in real people, real problems, and real solutions - all the time.

A little more about us



Chief Executive Simplifier - Co-Founder

A Simplifier.  Warren brings an excitement to helping others through both entrepreneurial and corporate experiences.  Raised on a grain farm, educated in agriculture and technology.  Warren's passion lies within finding real opportunities that can be created with others through utilizing some of the worlds most exponentially scalable technologies.  There's an abundant future ahead.  


  • Entrepreneurial startup, acquisition, and exit experience from the age of 25

  • North American partnerships with numerous leading global brands

  • Global corporate leadership roles with Bayer and BASF

  • Public engagement through local and national speaking events


  • Crossing the finish line 4 times for The Ride to Conquer Cancer

  • Learning (still) what it takes to be a father of 4


Terry Aberhart

Chief Executive Multiplier - Co-Founder

A Multiplier.  Terry has proven through example that it's the "who" not the "how" as he continues to grow multiple businesses doing what he loves.  From early childhood Terry has always had a passion for the farm, agriculture, and entrepreneurial growth.  He has worked extensively in the areas of farm technology and innovation, doing what he loves.  He is always eager to push the boundaries, and building team cultures that are supported by family and community.


  • Aberhart Farms business expansion from 1500 to over 15,000 acres

  • Business founder experience with Sure Growth Solutions and Aberhart Ag Solutions

  • Strategic networking leadership with Strategic Coach and TEPAP

  • Public engagement with Co-Hosting the "Growing the Future" podcast


  • Chair for the Old Tyme Harvest for Hunger raising over $142,000 for Canadian Food Grains Bank

  • Taking a family trip to Laos for the Give a Shirt Project

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